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Boone Fire Department History

The Boone Fire Department was officially organized on June 8, 1877 when. The Daniel Boone Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1 was formed. Equipment consisted of some ladders and a bucket cart pulled by hand. Later a hose cart and hand pumper was purchased and any horses available were commandeered off the street to pull the cart to the fire.

In 1904 the career department was organized and a team of horses were purchased. The first motorized equipment was placed in service in 1919.

The original location of the fire department was at 815 Keeler Street, where the VFW building is currently located. The fire department was moved to its present location of 923 Eighth Street in 1939 and an annex was added in 1979.

During its history the fire department has be led by Fire Chiefs: John Snell 1904-1907, L.E. Lillie 1907-1908, William West 1908-1941, Eric Kolb 1941-1951, Robert Robertson 1951-1964, Jack Mustapha 1964-1975, Clyde Neely 1975-1984, Richard Littell 1984-1986, and Ed Knight 1986-2009, Justin Adams 2009-Present.

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