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Flushing Water Mains

The City of Boone will begin flushing water mains starting May 2024

Flushing of water mains will stop when the Clinton St water tower starts and back up when it is completed.

Flushing of water mains is done to maintain the quality of water at your tap. Again this year Public Works will continue to flush the mains weather permitting "All day every day until Winter".

2014 the city hired an engineering firm, Foth, to do a water flow study to help us understand our water distribution system better.  Through that study it was determined that we need to flush hydrants from the water towers or the mains, depending on how the water was supplied, out away from the supplying source.  Also it was determined that we would get a better result if we flushed continually one hydrant at a time instead of multiple hydrants at once 2 times a year.  We started flushing hydrants this way in the spring of 2015. Our discolored calls have dropped.

Advice to Residents:

If you as a homeowner experience discolored water please turn on your cold water closes to your water meter or flush a toilet closes to your water meter.

If a flushing crew is on your street, please note that you may have temporary discolored water. In the event you have done laundry while the crew was flushing and your clothes are discolored, do not dry the wet clothes.  Washing the clothes again (when the water clears) will normally take care of this issue. If the clothes are still discolored, the Water Department office has, available at no charge, a detergent additive.

The City of Boone would like to apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

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