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How long do these snow ordinances last?


Typically the Ordinance will go into effect between 9 p.m. for residential and 11 p.m. business district.


The Ordinance remains in effect for 24 hours. Parking on the streets is allowed after the streets are cleared from curb to curb. If two snow events come within a shorter time frame the Ordinance may go into effect for consecutive evenings. Again, the best rule-of-thumb, if your street has just been plowed and is clear from curb-to-curb it is safe to park on the street. Vehicles parked on a street cleared from curb-to-curb will not be impeding snow removal and thus are not subject to ticket and tow.
Overall we are asking citizens to do their best to remove vehicles from City streets after a snow event. Regardless of the amount of snow and regardless of the Snow Ordinance, streets without parked cars yields safer, cleaner roads.