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How do we know when it is ok to park on the street again after the snow ordinance has been declared?
Mother Nature is difficult to predict.
During the winter, are we allowed to just park in the parking just in case it might snow or will we get ticketed?
The “parking” is the area between the sidewalk and the street.
How long do these snow ordinances last?
Typically the Ordinance will go into effect between 9 p.m. for residential and 11 p.m. business district.
What constitutes a street being done as far as plowing goes?
When the street is clear from curb-to-curb and it is not snowing or blowing snow.
Why not give a car owner a warning first, then tow the following violation?
This option was discussed by City Council and the Mayor.
What about these businesses who have “ONLY” on street parking? Like the churches, the dental offices on 8th St., banks, etc. Are they going to start towing customers?
There are a select few businesses that do not have off-street parking.
What is the purpose of the Leak Protection Program?
In the event of a leak, this program is intended to protect citizens from financial impacts of a high water bill. Customers cover costs associated with typical usage plus the first $100 of the leak. The remaining water/sewer charges are waived.
Does the Leak Protection Program cover damage to property such as wet carpet when I have a leak?
No. The Leak Protection Program only covers charges associated with your water/sewer bill only.
How do I enroll into the Leak Protection Program?
If you are a residential customer you are automatically enrolled. If you are a commercial customer, you will need to contact our Utility Billing Office (515-433-0600) and ask to be enrolled. There is an application form included on our website.
How do I cancel the Leak Protection?
On each utility bill there is a statement that you will need to read and initial, then return that portion of the bill with your payment and you will be removed from the program. Please note that after you are removed from the program you will be responsible for all water/sewer charges regardless of the reason for the leak or accidental usage.
I need to fill my pool. Do I qualify for Leak Protection benefits for the month when I have a large bill from filling my pool?
No. The program covers leaks only. Filling a pool is a purposeful use of water.
If I am not enrolled in the Leak Protection Program and I have a leak, why should I still have to pay sewer charges if my water did not go down a drain?
If water leaks outside of the home there is still likely chance the water will go through the perimeter drain tile system of your home and ultimately end up in the sanitary sewer system. Also, all sanitary sewer revenues are based upon water usage. We do not have a separate meter to detect the amount of waste water leaving your home or business. Finally, the Leak Protection Program is a means to help rate payers while also reducing the number of appeals to the Utility Committee.
I have real bad luck and I may have multiple leaks. Will the City drop me from the Leak Protection Program if I have multiple leak events?
Dropping a customer from the Program would be based on illegal activity such as a rate payer providing purposeful false information. If you simply have multiple leaks the only drawback is that your calculated average will begin to increase whereby you will become responsible for a larger and larger percentage of the leak.
How will you determine my average usage, for Leak Protection Claims?
We will look at your past monthly usage (12 months rolling average). If you have been an account holder for less than 12 months we will use your monthly usage from the time you started an account. If you are a new account we will use our “typical” average based on your household makeup.
If I am landlord, do I qualify for Leak Protection?
For most situations; yes, as long as you are the primary account holder. To confirm please contact the Utility Billing Supervisor.
If I am a renter/tenant, do I qualify for Leak Protection?
Yes, as long as you are the primary account holder.
What is the deadline for Hotel/Motel apps?
The deadline is 5 p.m. December 29, 2021.  If that falls on a weekend the deadline is the following Monday.
Is there a limit on the number of pages to submit with the Hotel/Motel Applications?
No; however, we encourage only pertinent information.
Will Hotel/Motel Applicants have a chance to present their request to Council?
 If this is important to the Applicant we will allow time for a presentation. We encourage presentations to be brief (maximum of 10 minutes). We can inform the Applicants when the meeting is held. Order of presentations will be determined at the meeting.
What is an appropriate amount to request for Hotel/Motel Grants?
 Requests generally range from $3,000 to $15,000. The CVB is generally awarded a significantly higher amount.
How much Hotel/Motel funds are typically awarded?
We generally have around 15 requests for a total distribution of $125,000.
Results 1-21 of 21