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How do we know when it is ok to park on the street again after the snow ordinance has been declared?
Mother Nature is difficult to predict.
During the winter, are we allowed to just park in the parking just in case it might snow or will we get ticketed?
The “parking” is the area between the sidewalk and the street.
How long do these snow ordinances last?
Typically the Ordinance will go into effect between 9 p.m. for residential and 11 p.m. business district.
What constitutes a street being done as far as plowing goes?
When the street is clear from curb-to-curb and it is not snowing or blowing snow.
Why not give a car owner a warning first, then tow the following violation?
This option was discussed by City Council and the Mayor.
What about these businesses who have “ONLY” on street parking? Like the churches, the dental offices on 8th St., banks, etc. Are they going to start towing customers?
There are a select few businesses that do not have off-street parking.
Results 1-6 of 6