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Surveillance Camera Registration

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This program is designed so that the citizens of Boone as well as business owners can register their surveillance camera systems with the Boone Police Department to assist with investigating crimes.  

Upon registering a system the information will be placed into a database maintained by the Boone Police Department.

If a registered location in the database is potentially of use, an officer will contact the owners of the system to review the footage to assist in developing potential leads or suspects.

The program does not require any remote access or streaming by the Boone Police Department.  It will only serve as a guide to assist officers in quickly identifying locations where crucial evidence may be captured.

Footage from the private camera systems may need to be used in court to prosecute crimes.  Use will only be done with the consent of the system owner.

Any time a camera system is taken out of service, the owners move, or the owners no longer want to participate in the program they can contact the Boone Police Department at (515) 432-3456 and their system(s) will be immediately removed from the database.

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