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Linwood Park Cemetery

Linwood Park Cemetery Contacts: 

Cleanup Linwood Cemetery

When: Spring Cleanup starts 1st Monday in April

Spring cleanup starts first Monday in April at the Linwood Cemetery in Boone. Residents with items at the Cemetery should collect these before the cleanup begins. Please follow this rule accordingly.

When: Fall Cleanup starts 2nd Monday in November

Fall cleanup will commence on the second Monday each year in November. At that time all arrangements will be removed from graves. In addition, all vases will be inverted and placed into bases. Anyone wishing to have arrangements in vases after that date will do so at their own risk. Christmas wreaths may be placed on graves one week prior to Thanksgiving. In the event of accumulating snow prior to the second Monday in November, cleanup will be done at that time.

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City of Boone now offers residents the opportunity to search the Linwood Park Cemetery database online. This new program allows residents the ability to search the cemetery database and view the location of gravesites on a map. People may search by last name of deceased or owner of the burial plot. This database is updated with the latest information that is available to City Staff. If you have questions on how to navigate the program, please call 515-432-4211 x 1129 and staff will be happy to assist you.

To get started, click this link: Linwood Park Cemetery

Rules and Regulations

*Rules and Regulations see tab at the bottom of page or for further information contact the cemetery at 432-6295.

Rules for Visitors:

Visitors are reminded that the cemetery grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead, and that a strict observance of the decorum which should be observed in such a place will be required.

  1. Open hours are sunrise to sunset.
  2. No dogs or horses are allowed on cemetery grounds.
  3. Decorations are allowed on gravesites for 5 days before and 5 days after the observed (Monday holiday) of Memorial Day of each year. After which time cemetery employees will collect and dispose of them. Glass flower containers are prohibited. During the mowing season flowers are allowed only in permanently installed vases and urns. If flowers are not attended to regularly they will be removed. The Cemetery will not be responsible for anything deposited or growing on lots, that may be damaged, lost or stolen, or any receptacle or monument that may be broken. (See rules and regulations 7 & 8)
  4. Automobiles, trucks, or other vehicles must not be driven at a speed exceeding ten miles an hour. Vehicles must not turn in any of the drives, and care must be observed not to get off the roadways. Snowmobiles and ATV's are prohibited from the cemetery.
  5. All persons are prohibited from writing upon, defacing, or injuring any monument, marker, or any structure, in or belonging to the cemetery.
  6. Persons with firearms will not be admitted to the grounds, except when participating at military funerals, Memorial Day Ceremony, and Veteran's Day Ceremony.
  7. Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the place by noise, or other improper conduct, will be compelled to leave the grounds.
  8. All persons are prohibited from injuring any shrub, tree, or plant in any part of the cemetery or picking wild or cultivated flowers.

Historical Information 

Linwood Cemetery (now known as "West Division" section) was founded June 9, 1866, and the original plot was purchased from McFarland and Hull. Lots 341 and 372 were platted on July 28, 1880, and added to the original tract and was purchased from Bascomb.

The second addition was added November 18, 1892, and consisted of Lots 1 to 23 along the east line of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway and Lots 24 to 61 south of the original plat and was known as the "Stevens Addition.'

On July 25, 1895, a corporation, called "East Linwood Cemetery Association," was formed to establish and develop a cemetery east of the creek and providing for a permanent care fund. The land for the new cemetery was purchased from Goodykoontz, Herman, and Wright.

On July 19, 1912, a new corporation was formed to take over both of the above cemeteries and place the whole under permanent care and this was done and called "Linwood Park Cemetery Association."

A new addition was opened for sale of lots October 1, 1963, located south of the East Linwood section consisting of about twelve acres of land with a wide circular hard surfaced roadway through the section giving access to all lots therein. This new area is divided into VIII Gardens, and is known as Linwood Park Garden Section. Except as to Garden V, Second Addition, the area is a memorial area. Garden V, Second Addition, is on the west side of this area and will be a monument section, the remainder of the area is a memorial section and is governed by the same rules as set out for the Memorial Park Sections H, I, and J in the East Linwood Area. This new area is to be developed with appropriate shrubbery, cedar trees, and other types of trees and plantings.

  • On July 1, 1992, the cemetery operations were taken over by the City of Boone.
  • The gateway was presented by Charles Mason in June 1920.
  • The foundation was presented by S. R. Dyer in September 1921.
  • The office building was presented by J. H. Riekenberg in May 1939.
  • So far as the records show, the first burial in Linwood Cemetery was Lydia Lockwood on October 14, 1855, on Lot 21, West Division.

The following gives the date of the first interment in each of the several sections of the east division of Linwood Park Cemetery:

  • Sec. A  Jan.   1897
  • Sec. B  Feb.  1896
  • Sec. C  Sept. 1896
  • Sec. D  Sept. 1904
  • Sec. E  Sept. 1910
  • Sec. F  Sept. 1920
  • Sec. G  Jan.  1929
  • Sec. H  Oct.  1940
  • Sec. I   Aug.  1942
  • Sec. J  Dec.  1940
  • Sec. K  Aug.  1991
  • Sec. S Aug.   1914
  • Sec. T Aug.   1914
  • Sec. U Apr.    1908
  • Sec. V Apr.    1908
  • Sec. W Nov.  1913
  • Sec. X Sept.  1905
  • Sec. Y July    1901
  • Sec. Z Feb.   1896
  • Gdn. I Sept.   1966
  • Gdn. IV Mar.  1966
  • Gdn. VII Jan. 1998
  • Columbarium 2014

The cemetery lot and burial records are all made in duplicate, one set is kept at the cemetery office, in charge of the superintendent, the other at the office of the Boone City Clerk.

Linwood Park Cemetery Rules and Regulations

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